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Welcome to the Hungarian Football-Golf Open!

We are Klára and Fanni, we are excited and happy to welcome you to the Hungarian Football-Golf Open.

We will do everything in our power to enable you to make the most of the competition, have fun and have a great experience in Hungary.

Hungarian Football-Golf Open

As part of the ***The WFGA Tour 2022*** we are honoured to welcome all willing and able players in Hungary. We are trying to give the opportunity for the sporting communities to conquer every obstacle.

What we want is for most of you to think that you want to be on planet Earth, Europe, Hungary and Lakitelek between 15-18th September, 2022. We will do everything in our power for you to have a wonderful sporting experience and relaxation.

Everybody to Lakitelek! You are welcome, don’t miss out on one of the biggest experiences of 2022!

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We would like you to make courageous but thoughtful decisions. Within our offer you can book an accommodation on the course and register for the Hungarian Football-Golf Open without any commitment. For your convenience the following services are available: wellness, swimming pool, horse riding, folklore, good restaurant with lots of great Hungarian dishes, “csárda”, wine tasting in the wine cathedral. And last but not least the most beautiful Football-Golf course in the world.

Basic information

Airport: Liszt Ferenc International Airport 2. Budapest (Hungary) - BUD

Lakitelek Football-Golf course is located 103km from the airport. You can arrive to the course via M5 highway (Exit 81).

Accommodation is available on the course - reserve it now!

Lakitelek Hungarikum Liget is filled with opportunities for fun - read on!


Venue: Hungarikum Liget Lakitelek
6065 Lakitelek, Felsőalpár 3.

Date: 15-18. September, 2022

Footfee: €50 (Juniors: €25)

Registration: gScore


15th September (Thursday):

  • Practice day (free)

  • Charity doubles cup

  • Opening ceremony with dinner (free)

16th September (Friday):

  • Pairs competition (1x18 holes)

  • Individual competition (1x18 holes)

17th September (Saturday):

  • Individual competition (2x18 holes)

18th September (Sunday):

  • Pairs competition (1x18 holes)

  • Individual competition (1x18 holes)

  • Award ceremony


Book now!

Hotel Club Tisza is fully booked! Rooms are available in Kincsem Fogadó!

We will get back to you regarding the finalization of the reservation via e-mail!

Opportunities for fun

Lakitelek Hungarikum Liget offers everything (besides Football-Golf) you might need to have a great long weekend (also for your family)

Booking upon arrival!

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